The ongoing genocide in Palestine

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Tue Apr 2 05:14:36 MST 2002

grok wrote:

> And we should all hopefully agree, first off, that no matter the
incessant propaganda otherwise, Yasser Arafat is the West's and the
zionists' 'best friend', really. His death would *immediately* and
finally pose the question of REAL palestinian leadership of both the
Intifada and of the WIDER arab national struggle to EVERYONE throughout
the region -- including those arab masses; who IMO will not be 'unmoved'
by such a gaping power vacuum...

> I don't really know whether this Fatah 'leader' these days leads
anything more than the corrupt bantustan 'Palestinian Authority' (let's
not even mention his Oslo capitulation); but the point is often and
clearly made that Arafat has NO authority over the Hezbollah or Hamas...
Certainly, Arafat has only been kept around by the imperialists as a
useful foil to the (these days) more popular non-socialist forces, who
will clearly BENEFIT from Arafat's and Fatah's being removed from the
scene -- and thus the pathetic scenario at PA-HQ this past week.


Apart from making my blood boil, this is the sort of crap which turns most
serious fighters against Marxism and self-professed Marxists. That
ultra-leftist 'commentators', can with the touch of a keyboard be so
dismissive of Yassir Arafat and the whole of Fatah/PLA is shameful. I
suppose that grok, that fearless fighter and calculated, experienced leader,
would have bravely urged his people to taking on impossible odds should be
no surprise to us silly militants. He would bravely wade through their (and
our) blood to avoid the 'sell-out' (read strategic compromise) of Oslo!

Perhaps too, he is oblivious of the fact that right now Arafat is admired
across the middle-east and by working-class people everywhere; that he is
stuck in a compound with only intermittant lighting with low food and water
supplies and is a symbol of his people who are suffering likewise. This is
some way to treat the zionist's 'best friend' who has been identified by
Sharon as the origin of all terror! Indeed, that Oslo agreement must have
been some deal for the Israelis being that subsequently they have had to
invade the rest of Palestine and eradicate its leadership to prevent it's
full implementation! At the same time, those fearless members of Fatah (now
composing the Palestinian Police Force) are being summarily executed by the
IDF and seem to be the only people left out there defending the population.
The Al-Aqsa brigades (who grok seems to ignore) are leading the fight into
Israel by any means necessary - I believe that 16 year old was from their
ranks. Need I make anything more explicit in this medium?

Everyone can make mistakes, but to offer criticism of the PLA at this time,
when what is needed is to get out and organise wherever you are, is totally

Even worse! According to your logic we should celebrate should the Israelis
murder Chairman Arafat, eradicate Fatah and the Al-Aqsa brigades and rob a
nation of its pride and identity. I suppose the processing of the entire
Palestinian population through death camps should be welcomed as it will
radicalise the working masses of Arabia against their leaderships!! The
worse the better...

If all you can offer is pipedreams of Arab unity and shallow criticisms of
past policy when what is required now is to save the Palestinian people from
extermination (which is on the cards), then you are less than worthless.
Yes, we can all hope that the Saudi's get rid of their sick royal family.
Yes, we can hope that Jordan invades and Syria attacks...but what can we do?
Get out and get organised against your own leaderships.


As far as a peace deal is concerned, most thinking here among
'well-informed' people suggests that the Saudi deal (backed by the US) was
meant to be sold by means of Arafat's absence from the Arab summit. That
would then open the possibility for the portrayal of the Israelis and the
PLA accepting it as a neutral deal which would be forced on both by the Arab
Community and the USA, respectively. I'm sure list members are aware of the
content of this 'deal' - basically full Israeli withdrawal from the 1967
occupied territories in return for dual recognition of Israel and the PA
across the board. It also included the promise of 'financial compensation'
for the 'right to return'. I think that this was the price exacted by the
Arab oligarchies for future acquiescience when Iraq is attacked by the USA -
the hug between the Saudi royal and Saddam was just a shot across the bows.

However, the Israeli's response was completed different than that expected.
Sharon does not want peace, even in terms which would replace the 'right to
return' with the 'right to get paid not to return'. I think he feels that
the Palestinian 'problem' can only be solved by the liquidation of the
Palestinian people themselves. Under the implementation of such a plan and
set against the near complete acquiescience of the Western media to the
Israeli lobby - a little intelligence and understanding should be dispensed
in relation to the strategy of the PLA at present.


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