Dearborn , Michigan demo

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Apr 2 09:52:43 MST 2002

Approximately 1,000 -- including Palestinians, Lebanese, and their supporters -- marched in Dearborn, Michigan against U.S. support to Sharon's murder of Palestinian people. With Palestinian flags and signs saying, END THE OCCUPATION, marchers began at Warren and Oakman and marched in the street, down Warren, down Schaefer, all the way to Dearborn City Hall. It was a unified march, including representatives of groups sympathetic to Arafat and representatives of more religious groups. Slogans were: Free, free Palestine! Hey, hey, ho, ho, occupation has to go! Sharon is the terrorist! Down, down Sharon! Down, down Israel! Sharon and Hitler are the same, only difference is the name! Activists from the Committee for Global Justice and the International Action Center passed out flyers for the April 20 antiwar demonstration in DC. Dozens of marchers said they wanted to be in DC on April 20; Dave Sole, with the International Action Center, was able to announce the April 20 march at t!
he concluding rally. Now more than ever we need to show the world we oppose Bush's and Sharon's war policies! For transportation, write or call Committee for Global Justice -- 313-833-7796 -- 313-831-4695.

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