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  What if...?
Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>

Jim Craven wrote:
>An exercise I use in class for those who see "suicide bombers" as
>necessarily fanatic, deranged etc.

Right now the AM Talk Radio shows are completely dominated by racist
attacks on the Palestinians who are killing themselves, as if the decision
to sacrifice your life for a higher cause is a sign of some kind of
oriental degeneration that would never occur in the Civilized West.

But when you stop and think about it, there are countless war movies which
begin with some top-ranking US officer telling a bunch of volunteers
something like, "Men, some of you won't come back. But this mission you are
about to embark on could result in a victory that will lead to the defeat
of ------ (you fill in the blanks--Nazis, Commies, Japs.)


CB: U.S. war memorial patriotic rhetoric is saturated with the praising of "those who paid the highest price to be called Americans or for Freedom" Many of the highest medals for heroism are given to martyrs. A friend of my mother's , Hervie Jenkins, got a silver star or something, posthumously, for calling U.S. artillery fire in on himself when he was surrounded by German troops in 1944 or so.  These types of  self-sacrifices are referred to frequently in appealing to American idealism. Remember the Alamo ?

Of course, everybody knows this. It is a mark of the level of brainwashing ( racist brainwashing in this case) of the American masses that this huge part of their patriotic consciousness can be wiped out or "distinguished" from the heroism of the current soldiers from the Arab/Islamic world.

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