Marx and Engels on the bourgeois revolution

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Apr 2 11:44:32 MST 2002

This hardly sounds like the "classical Marxist model of bourgeois
revolution" as defined by Ed. I think it is safe to say that neither Marx
nor Engels can be accurately cited as authority for the popular frontism
that characterized the later Stalinist caricature of the revolutionary or
(more accurately) "progressive" bourgeoisie.

Richard Fidler


CB: This is an interesting essay. However, at the time of the Popular Front, the bourgeoisie were much more fully and exclusively in state power in France and Germany, than in the periods in the 1800's analyzed in Engels essays quoted.  How is it that the Popular Front analysis was not correct for the 1930's ? Engels discussion of the 1800's seems an anachronism for the 1930's.

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