Suicides worthy and unworthy was Re: What if...?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Apr 2 14:19:49 MST 2002

>The general pattern is commonplace: when "we" do it (whatever) it is
>heroic or smart or something praiseworthy; when "they" do it, it is a
>crime against humanity or mere savagery or etc.

It is as Chomsky & Herman say in Manufacturing Consent - There are victims
- worthy and unworthy.  When Ramallah is under siege who gives a damn? -
But now Sarajevo - Well that's very different.

re Suicide when it is worthy it becomes 'self-sacrifice'.  Check out the
old John Ford move Fort Apache and the death of Col Thursday (Henry
Fonda).  He has become separated from his regiment but mounts a horse and
rejoins them knowing that is certain death.  Now that is a worthy fantasy.



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