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Tue Apr 2 14:46:59 MST 2002

On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 01:55, Stephen Harvey wrote:

> Greetings:
>     A friend of mine sent me a copy of an email which says that this
> sign was put up by local native groups to highlight the government's
> stance on the issue.  This accurately reflects, I believe, the attitude
> of the Liberal gov't but Brian James is correct in thinking that even as
> blatantly a right-wing gov't as this would use more careful
> language.               Steve H

I think I myself am aware enuff of how CDN local authorities think and
act; and yet I can _almost_ believe this one...

Certainly the situation is as the above opinions state it likely to be
(i.e. a set-up); but I can _still_ half-believe the sign being the Real
Thing -- if only, say, a rare case of some small local coterie of
official bozos _acting_ before they _think_ things thru -- i.e calling
the 'higher-ups' on how to deal with matters, etc...

Certainly the sign wouldn't last any longer than those 'higher-ups'
finding out what their incompetent underlings were doing -- but I _can_
believe that this sign could, in this day and age, STILL be printed,
as-is, by *somebody* 'official', somewhere in Canada.

And this is the basis of the persisting confusion over its authenticity,

-- grok.

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