Tom O'L:incoln on Woomera actiion Fwd: refugees

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Apr 2 17:49:06 MST 2002

>From: "Tom O'Lincoln"

>I've followed your comments about this on the Marxism List. Just a note to
>say we had a Refugee Action Collective meeting last night, which provided
>an opportunity for detailed report backs and discussion about the issues
>surrounding the escapes. The picture that emerged is:
>1. The demonstrators intended a symbolic action when they started shaking
>the fence; they thought they might pull bits of it down but not that it
>would lead to escapes.
>2. The initiative for the escapes was taken by the refugees themselves,
>who were ready and well organised.
>3. Given the refugees were breaking out, the demonstrators naturally
>offered solidarity.
>In other words, despite various mistakes, there was nothing fundamentally
>ultraleft or manipulative about the way the demonstrators operated.
>You can post this if you like.
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