Supporting Arafat, and the Issue of Suicide Bombings

Juan Rafael Fajardo fajardos at
Wed Apr 3 00:14:24 MST 2002

Mohammad J Alam wrote:

> we are not dealing with a classical
> anti-colonial struggle; Israel is a deformed anachronism, a settler state
> that is used by the big imperialists, not inhabited by them.

I wonder about this.  I used to buy the line that Israel is
imperialism's watchdog, acting at its beck and call, following commands
from Master.  But if you think about it a bit more, that notion gets
harder to support.  Even back in the 1967 when the Israeli military shot
up the USS Liberty to keep the US from interfering in in the Six-Day
War, it was a sign that the Israeli ruling class would go its own way
and set its own agenda.  Then, later on, Israeli jets bomb the Iraqi
nuclar plant (at Basra?) at a time when *Iraq was the US's ally* against
Iran, and follows the Camp David Accords by invading and occupying
Lebanon.   Now, mind you, there can be no question that ousting the PLO
from Lebannon and strengthening the hand of Christian Phalangists there
played into the desires of the Reagan-fronted US imperialists, but
Israel's ongoing, looking-like-it-would-never-end occupation surely
proved an embarrassment as the US sought to modify its relations with
Arab regimes in the area.   They felt pressured to help clean up the
mess that Israel started, but they couldn't get out of there fast enough
once it was shown just how messy it could actually be.

Jump from there to 1991 and the War on Iraq, when the Israeli government
and military were could be so little counted on to play by the rules set
by the US that the Americans refused to give them the safe-conduct
transponder codes for their aircraft.

Israel's treatment of the Palestinian population has always been an
ingredient of instability in the region, and yet they carried to such an
extent that they ended up with virtually ungovernable territories during
the first Intifada.  Hardly seems that that's what imperialism would ask
for from a puppet regime.

But, no, the Israeli rulers and their allied sectors couldn't stop
there.  They had to push the settlements further and further into Gaza
and the West Bank, continue to dispossession and degradation of
Palestinians, and eventually spark off a new Intifada, all despite
clearly-expressed desires of the US gov't. that it wanted none of those
things and in spite of a US-brokered and sponsored peace process taking

In these past 15 months, the Israeli ruling class has defied or ignored
two US administrations' stating that they wanted the Peace Process to
continue, that the brutality of the occupation was counterproductive,
etc. and is now pressing in for what may be the death-knell of the
Palestinian Authority and of Yassir Arafat, despite protestations from
US reps. that he has yet "a role to play".  Yeah, Israel follows orders
real well.

To simply view Sharon and the IDF as the US bulldog does little to help
us understand the complexity of the situation, and the impotence the US
imperialists are experiencing in the face of an "ally" that doesn't take
the US's wishes or interests into consideration and is going off
half-cocked in an area filled with tinder.

- Juan

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