Supporting Arafat, and the Issue of Suicide Bombings

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Wed Apr 3 02:11:02 MST 2002

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> Every suicide bombing literally shatters and
> explodes the myth of harmony under imperialism, and constitutes a
> concentrated, intensified expression of anger against oppression.

It is far more useful than that. The entire premise with which the Israeli
Really Far Right pursue their current genocidal course is that military action
can crush the will of the people and make Israel safe. The actions of a suicide
bomber *inside Israel* absolutely smash that. And who the fuck are we if we tell
them "well, no- no other state will help you. No one will send you weapons (ok,
maybe pea shooters and a few peas) and you have no army and no way to defend
yourself "traditionally". So, rather than maintain a force of resistance- we
think it moral and our place to tell you to simply roll over and quit.

Let there be no mistake, and I doubt there would be one here, there was no way
out of the farce of the peace process short of the current situation. The
suicide bombers have put the cards on the table and raised the over all bar.
Sharon can't win this kind of "war". In this situation, what we are seeing is
the unmasking of the racist, Nazionist state. The problem I have with the
current discourse is all this discussion about Yasser Arafat, as if anything at
all really relied upon him. Well, Tanzim have been militarily attacking
checkpoints and other targets. Nonetheless, Arafat has less power than I do. I
can go outside and my phone works. Before that, none either. Defence of Arafat
against the imperialist state- and only that- is called for.

 Now, let me be a tad more provocative. Just as when "Canada" was being founded
it would have been a wonderful victory had settlers been killed rather than
allowed to simply move in here in peace and steal the land of the people here,
so too are the current settlers outside of the Green line absolutely legitimate
targets. To do anything other than leave would be too much.

The reason for the suicide attacks inside Israel is simple. No justice no peace.
I can see a lot of honour in that decision for your life. It certainly wouldn't
be an easy one. The media are clamouring already about some supposed connection
between Saddam Hussein and paying 25 g's to the family of suicide bombers.

If that would prove true, good for them. The ultimate retirement package, I
guess. Didn't the PFLP just declare all Israeli (or was it Jew?) interests of
large size around the world a legitimate target? Do we automatically support

If they mean "Jewish", I'd rather support suicide bombers in Israel than support
that PFLP call.


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