Dearborn , Michigan demo

Martin Schreader mschreader at
Wed Apr 3 06:32:40 MST 2002

I was there too. Actually, it looked more like 1,500-2,000, with a lot of
people joining in during the march and leaving after it arrived at City
Hall. It was very spirited and I thought it was a good turnout.
Unfortunately, some of the community organizers didn't think so. They were
expecting much more.


Charles Brown wrote:
> Approximately 1,000 -- including Palestinians, Lebanese, and
> their supporters -- marched in Dearborn, Michigan against U.S.
> support to Sharon's murder of Palestinian people. With
> Palestinian flags and signs saying, END THE OCCUPATION,
> marchers began at Warren and Oakman and marched in the
> street, down Warren, down Schaefer, all the way to Dearborn
> City Hall. It was a unified march, including representatives of
> groups sympathetic to Arafat and representatives of more
> religious groups. Slogans were: Free, free Palestine! Hey, hey, ho,
> ho, occupation has to go! Sharon is the terrorist! Down, down
> Sharon! Down, down Israel! Sharon and Hitler are the same, only
> difference is the name! Activists from the Committee for Global
> Justice and the International Action Center passed out flyers
> for the April 20 antiwar demonstration in DC. Dozens of
> marchers said they wanted to be in DC on April 20; Dave Sole,
> with the International Action Center, was able to announce the
> April 20 march at the concluding rally. Now more than ever we
> need to show the world we oppose Bush's and Sharon's war
> policies! For transportation, write or call Committee for Global
> Justice -- 313-833-7796 -- 313-831-4695.

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