Supporting Arafat, and the Issue of Suicide Bombings

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Wed Apr 3 08:24:03 MST 2002

The two states strategy has been the weapon of choice for US imperialism since
the end of WWII: two Koreas, Two Chinas, two Germanys, two Vietnams, etc.

Henry C.K. Liu

Bob Anderson wrote:

> The issue is one democratic state for all who live in Palestine or a
> non-workable imperial designed two-state solution such as Oslo or Camp
> Daivd.  What is so amazing is that the American left has bought into the
> settler two-state myth (they never had any real plan other than a one
> Zionist state) and forgotten all the lessons of the national liberation
> movements against colonialism in the past WWII era.

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