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Wed Apr 3 09:05:14 MST 2002

Juan Fajardo wrote:
> To simply view Sharon and the IDF as the US bulldog does little to help
> us understand the complexity of the situation, and the impotence the US
> imperialists are experiencing in the face of an "ally" that doesn't take
> the US's wishes or interests into consideration and is going off
> half-cocked in an area filled with tinder.

Wrong. The clique around Bush more or less openly shares Sharon's belief
that their growing problems in the region can and will be settled by
bringing a sufficient amount of military force to bear against the Arab
world and, in this instance, the Palestinian population in particular.
What you are witnessing therefore is not US impotence but US acquiescence.

This is from Asia Times 3 April 2002:

   US hawks call shots on Mideast policy

   By Jim Lobe

  Bush's concern for Arafat's welfare and status - reflected
  by the UN vote and Cheney's highly conditional offer to meet
  Arafat last month, along with his much-touted appeal to
  Sharon to let Arafat attend last week's Arab League Summit -
  appears increasingly to be only a public relations ploy for
  consumption by anxious foreign leaders who see Sharon's
  attempts to crush the Palestinian "terrorist infrastructure" as
  not only futile, but potentially explosive for regional

  In fact, the administration's actions have in effect given a green
  light to Sharon, much as former president Ronald Reagan gave
  Sharon a green light 20 years ago when he served as defense
  minister to invade Lebanon up to the suburbs of Beirut.

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