Supporting Arafat, and the Issue of Suicide Bombing [Fajardo]

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at
Wed Apr 3 10:18:40 MST 2002

"> To simply view Sharon and the IDF as the US bulldog does little to help
> us understand the complexity of the situation, and the impotence the US
> imperialists are experiencing in the face of an "ally" that doesn't take
> the US's wishes or interests into consideration and is going off
> half-cocked in an area filled with tinder."

This statement belies a misconception about what imperialism is. The
"complexities of the situation" do not undermine the basic fact that
America has been sponsoring Israeli fascism since 1948, with 90 billion
dollars of aid and scores of weapons. The fact that the situation is in an
"area filled with tinder" is not an exemption either, rather it is the
natural result of US imperialism, which provides the explosiveness to the

The USS Liberty incident changes nothing. In 1987, the Iraqis blew up the
USS Stark Frigate, killing 17 American naval officers. The Americans did
nothing in response to this other than continue their support for Saddam

I think it is necessary to separate base from superstructure in terms of
American-Israeli relations. America supports Israel because it is useful
for American imperialism. The control of the pro-Israeli lobby in America
is a function of this objective situation, not a reason for it. Given the
unrelenting American support for Israel, mental conditioning by media
propaganda agencies is necessary to assuage any widespread public support
for the Palestinians.

Of course the natural question is, how long will Israel remain useful? In
ex-colonial imperialism, America has resorted to new organs, like Islamic
fundamentalism and Jewish fundamentalism, one of which has already
backfired. But by the time Israel becomes a liability to America, it will
be too late to do anything about it, but watch the Arab masses revolt en
masse. That is the logic of imperialism: explosive contradictions.

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