Israel's mountain of dead dogs

Martin Schreader mschreader at
Wed Apr 3 11:32:24 MST 2002

The Mossad seems to be slipping.

CNN is showing pictures of the "documents" that are supposed to "prove" that
the Al-Aqsa Martyrs are linked to the Palestinian Authority. The "documents"
shown are on "official Al-Aqsa Martyrs letterhead", with the name of the
organization in English and Arabic. And, to top it off, the word "Martyrs"
is misspelled on the letterhead (it is spelled "Martyres"). The content of
the "documents" are reports on the progress of the campaign of suicide
bombings, requests from the PA for more funds, etc.

OK, so what questions can be asked:

1) What paramilitary organization has "official letterhead"?

2) If the letterhead is real, can someone explain how they would allow
"Martyrs" to be misspelled?

3) What paramilitary organization puts such reports and requests in writing?

Mossad says there are more documents to come. (Of course! Forgery takes time
and patience!) Is it me or does it look like the Israeli regime is looking
to bury the truth of their invasion under a mountain of dead dogs?


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