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I'm sure most will already have read these, but just in case.

Here's a site linking to the full Zinni Peace Plan (for what it's worth).

An article from the FT:

EU delegation heads to Middle East to seek ceasefire
Published: April 3 2002 20:46

The European Union launched its own peace mission to the Middle East on
Thursday as the US came under international pressure to intervene in the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy chief,
and Josep Pique, spain's foreign minister, were heading to the region in an
effort to secure a ceasefire.

An Israeli official said the EU delegation would not be allowed to visit
Yassir Arafat, the besieged Palestinian leader.

Romano Prodi, European Commission president, on Wednesday said Washington's
mediation attempts had "failed" and it was time for a new push. In
uncharacteristically blunt language, Mr Prodi said there was not enough
action by the US. "This is the reality. This is the truth."

Israeli forces moved into Jenin and Salfit on the sixth day of their West
Bank invasion. Palestinian witnesses also said on Wednesday night Israeli
tanks had entered Nablus, the area's largest city.

Fighting continued in Bethlehem around the Church of the Nativity, where
Palestinians were said to be taking refuge. Israel said many of the 200
people it claimed were in the church were armed. But an Israeli army
spokesman said: "It's a sacred place and we don't want to use live fire."

Rest snipped.


The latest at Bethlehem:


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