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Thu Apr 4 03:59:03 MST 2002

hi folks.

this is Sander Hicks, writer, and lead singer of lefty punk rock band
White Collar Crime.

my new website, http://www.sanderhicks.com, is up, and it reports on
Enron and 911 from an anti-imperialist perspective. There's also
music and info on White Collar Crime, including news of our
US/Canadian tour of the Rust Belt, which starts today.

Please help spread the word.

In Solidarity,


CONTACT:  Sander Hicks 631-424-1291 * sander at softskull.com

White Collar Crime to kick off a month-long tour of Eastern US and
Canada on April 4!

White Collar Crime live an entirely fresh code of punk rock: no
guitars, just howling vocals, keyboard melodies, and bass grooves set
atop a beat that dares you to stay in your seat.  If the music
doesn't get you check these lyrics! Political discourse, poetic
language, and big questions thrive in the rock form normally
dominated by an empty pose.  One reviewer sums up the White Collar
Crime experience this way: "This is the best band ever...my neck was
shivering and I was ready to storm the White House".

White Collar Crime are the celebrated art-punk band from downtown New
York fronted by independent publishing maverick Sander Hicks. In
support of their new CD, "Their Laws Are Dimwit Greed," White Collar
Crime tour the US and Canada April 2002. (The CD, put out by Soft
Skull and distributed by Triage, is available at:

White Collar Crime's CD is currently on the charts at several
colleges, and nationwide with the Candian Broadcasting Corporation.
When asked why White Collar Crime's covers of 100-year old coal miner
songs were getting so much airplay, Music Director Michael Davis of
WUSM in Mississippi said: "Hey, we're in a recession. Time is ripe
for revolt."

White Collar Crime's music is the soundtrack to "Horns and Halos,"
(www.hornsandhalos.com) a new independent documentary about
republishing Soft Skull's controversial George W. Bush biography
Fortunate Son. Filmmakers Mike Galinsky and Suki Hawley recently
debuted the film  at the Rotterdam Film Festival, where The Guardian,
UK called it, "a rolling masterclass on the disturbing complicity of
media, money and mendacity." (Recent Newsweek.com/MSNBC feature on
this! http://www.msnbc.com/news/720707.asp?cp1=1)

White Collar Crime includes Nick Colt on keyboards, Dan O'Brien on
bass, and Eric Puente on drums. Nick is a playwright whose perennial
urban fist-pumping electronic and organ sounds obvliate the need for
a guitar. Dan is an actor, bass player and philosophy currently
residing somewhere in Chinatown, NY. Eric is a computer geek, whose
passion is drumming, which he's been doing since he was in diapers.

Lead singer Sander Hicks is the founder and editor of the
award-winning, controversial Soft Skull Press (www.softskull.com). As
part of the band's mission, he has recently published two White
Collar Crime reports: in-depth, anti-imperialist research on Enron
and a new theory that explains the 9/11 disaster. Both of these
reports will be published at www.sanderhicks.com, a new site that
launches at the start of this tour, April 3. (Review copies
available, just ask.)

CONTACT:  Sander Hicks 631 424 1291 * sander at softskull.com

"His works deal almost always with problems of the overeducated and
underemployed, of philosophies not quite elastic enough to make sense
in the postmodern world, and of the role of responsibility in a
nation whose morality is increasingly becoming a matter of wealth."
    	-Eric Zass, Kyezine

"Sander's theater and publishing efforts bespeak an elegant
self-empowerment and energy"
         	-Allen Ginsberg, 1993

"Hicks' unflinching expression undoubtedly makes some people
uncomfortable. But it also inspires laughter and discussion that is
worth the discomfort and deserving of a wider audience."
         	-Jason Kelly, South Bend Tribune


"What they're doing-as individual activists, as an autonomous
collective-is far more radical than anything put forth by today's
crop of two-chords-and-a-40-ounce-driven crusties. Poetic lyrics
concerning everything you're supposed to hate-racism, sexism,
globalization and the corporate oligarchy. You'll just have to pay
closer attention."
-Bryan Swirsky, The Big Takeover

"A Jim Morrison baritone and the keyboards that ring of Le Shok, 60s
garage stylings. It's with bands like WCC that the punk movement (and
specifically its politically fueled wing) is able to not suffocate
upon its own vomit."
-Kurt Morris, Action Attack Helicopter

"Hicks jumped across tables and lassoed chairs with a microphone cord
and sipped other people's beer while starring down nonbelievers. When
he called for revolution-at the time he was spinning from a ceiling
fan-the band clicked immediately into tight punk cabaret and a friend
turned to me and said, 'this is the best band ever.'"
-Brandon Stousy, Prose Acts Festival, Buffalo, NY, October 2001



Sander Hicks


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