Support Rabih Haddad & Salma Al-Rushaid on April 10

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Thu Apr 4 07:09:02 MST 2002

Support Rabih Haddad & Salma Al-Rushaid on April 10

Dear friends

I talked with Salma Al-Rushaid by phone on Monday. She told
me of the Immigration Court hearing scheduled in Detroit for
her and the children and for her husband Rabih Haddad at 10
AM, Wednesday, April 10. It is a deportation hearing for all
of them, but the threat is that Salma and the children would
be deported to Kuwait, while their husband and father Rabih
would be sent to Lebanon.

Please stand in solidarity with this family who has suffered
so much. There will be a big demonstration at 10 AM on
Wednesday, April 10 in front of the Detroit Immigration Court
on Gratiot at Russell, beside the Eastern Market. Please
forward this message to as many groups and individuals as

Rabih Haddad is still imprisoned in the Metropolitan
Correctional Center in Chicago, although Congressman John
Conyers is currently trying to get him transferred to a
Michigan prison. The INS, which has kept this world-
respected  Muslim leader from Ann Arbor in jail since
December14, still has brought no charges against him. All
they have admitted as evidence is that his tourist visa had
expired. The hearings have been held in secret, he was moved
to a federal prison in Chicago in secret, but Conyers and the
Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Metro Times and Ann Arbor
News brought a joint ACLU-backed lawsuit against the
government insisting that future hearings be open to the
public. The judge has promised to render her verdict before
April 10.

We must not stand silent in the face of such cruel injustice!
Join together in support of Rabih Haddad, Salma Al-Rushaid
and their four children by coming to demonstrate at the
Detroit Immigration Court, at Gratiot and Russell at 10 AM,
Wednesday, April 10. Let the INS and Ashcroft see that we
do not support their post-September 11 racial profiling and
illegal detentions and deportations of Arab-born citizens and

>From San Francisco I send my support and solidarity. I'll be
with you in spirit.

Patricia Lay-Dorsey
                211 SCB BOX 47, WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY
                DETROIT, MI 48202-- E MAIL: ac6123 at
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