Important moderator's note to Yahoo subscribers

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Apr 4 07:51:48 MST 2002

In light of Hotmail problems with spam, Marxmail stopped accepting new
subscriptions from Hotmail accounts a couple of days ago. On the
subscription information page, we advise people to use Yahoo instead. In
the meantime, I have discovered that Yahoo is now taking the same path as
Hotmail and opening up the floodgates to spam.

All Yahoo subscribers should have received an email from them already with
the following information:

"In order to keep you up to date about our many new products and services
and how they might be of use to you, we have created a new Marketing
Preferences page within the Account Information area. It is designed to
make it easier for you to manage the marketing communications you receive
from Yahoo! and ensure you get the latest relevant information to meet your

When you go to the Marketing Preferences page, you will discover a list:

Exclusive offers, online sales, and shopping tips on Yahoo!. Yes  No
Travel specials and exclusive deals. Yes  No
Managing personal finances. Yes  No
Entertainment, games, and sports. Yes  No

All of these options are set to "yes". You should go to that page and
change them to "no". Otherwise, your mailbox will be filled up rapidly with
offers for Viagra, Hot Stock Tips, cheap airline tickets, etc. When your
mailbox fills up, Marxmail messages and all other important mail will be
bounced back to the sender. I have already unsubbed a couple of Yahoo email
addresses from Marxmail already and will continue to do so.

Louis Proyect
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