Brzezinski on US policy and Palestine

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Apr 4 17:17:04 MST 2002

""MARGARET WARNER: Do you think this could
spin out of control?

"ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: Well, it could spin out of control. In
the meantime the United States and Israel are increasingly isolated
internationally. This could hurt our ability to conduct the war
on terrorism and last but not least--and this worries me a great
deal --I think the Palestinians are being turned, largely by
Mr. Sharon, into something like the Algerians: People absolutely
determined to wage urban guerilla warfare brutally, ruthlessly,
at any cost at enormous self-sacrifice.

"And the Israelis are becoming increasingly like the white supremacist
South Africans, viewing the Palestinians as a lower form of life,
not hesitating to kill a great many of them and justifying this
on the grounds that they are being the objects of terrorism,
which is true.

"But the reactions are all out of proportion, and all of that
I think is a very sad spectacle and ultimately a spectacle of
failure of American strategy."

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