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Einde O'Callaghan einde.ocallaghan at
Fri Apr 5 01:30:46 MST 2002

Bookmarks, the bookshop of the British SWP, has just issued it's latest
"Review of Books". In it they recommend some books on Argentina that are
currently in print. They are:

Nick Caistor: "Argentina in Focus" (Latin America Bureau) £7.99

Ronal Munck: "Argentina From Anarchism to Peronism: Workers, Unions and
Politics 1855-1985" (Zed) £10.95

Daniel James: "Resistance and Integration:: Peronism and the Argentine
working Class 1946-1976" (Cambridge University Press) £14.95

J. Demmers et al., "Miraculous Metamorphoses: The Neoliberalisation of
Latin American Populism" (Zed) £16.95

You can access Bookmarks On-Line Bookshop at

Einde O'Callaghan

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