Important moderator's note to Yahoo subscribers

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Apr 5 01:41:28 MST 2002

rohan wrote:

> Just in case people don't realise: you can actually set up Yahoo mail
> accounts to act as a POP account -- so you can just download messages to
> a mail client like Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger. This means
> that you don't have to through your account and delete messages every
> time your account fills up.

But this will be free only until April 23. Here is the Yahoo anouncement:

"Effective April 24, 2002, Yahoo! Mail will no longer provide free POP3
Access or Auto Mail Forwarding to Yahoo! Delivers subscribers.
If you would like to continue using Mail Forwarding or POP3 Access, please
subscribe to our improved package
Subscribe before April 24th and get the first year of service for just
$19.99. That's 33% off the regular service fee of $29.99.
Remember, if you do not subscribe by April 24, 2002, you will no longer be
able to access your Yahoo! Mail messages by POP or at another email address.
The Yahoo! Mail Team"

You get the business model?


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