Taliban killing of SAS man eases loss

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4 April 2002

Taliban killing of SAS man eases loss: Farrells
By Allison Morris

The elderly parents of murdered IRA volunteer Mairead Farrell have
said the death of the SAS man who assassinated their daughter went
some way to ease the loss of their daughter.

It was reported this week that the SAS soldier responsible for
shooting both Mairead and Danny McCann in Gibraltar in 1988 was
gunned down in the mountains of Afghanistan. Sean Savage (19) was
shot 16 times in the back as he ran away from the SAS ambush.

The SAS man who shot Mairead was never named at the inquest and
merely referred to as 'Soldier A'. However, the man known in army
circles as 'Trigger Happy' has now met a bloody end himself at the
hands of Taliban fighters in the mountains of Afghanistan.

A cloak of secrecy has been cast over the SAS involvement in the
fighting in Afghanistan, but a senior MoD source has confirmed the
soldier was killed during fighting in Afghanistan just a fortnight

Mairead's 86-year-old father Dan and mother Mairead (81) say they
are sure the man responsible for the murder of their only
daughter "would now have to answer to his maker for the way he lived
his life."

The couple say the families were never given the exact details of the
way their loved ones died as the inquest was shrouded in secrecy.

However, Mrs Farrell said: "If this is true then at least some of my
prayers have been answered.

"This man lived a violent and bloody life, he shot Mairead who was
unarmed, in the back. If he has died in this way then it is no more
than he deserves.

"Who knows how many more unarmed people he has killed in his lifetime
in places like Afghanistan.

"I have prayed every night since Mairead died, it is something you
never get over, it seems that my prayers have not gone unnoticed."

Mairead Farrell had previously served over 10 years in Armagh Jail.
Her father believes the order to shoot the three dead in Gibraltar
came from the very top.

Mr Farrell says the man who pulled the trigger was just one of the
people who played a role in the murder of the three IRA volunteers.

"Margaret Thatcher was responsible for putting the whole operation
into the hands of the military. If the police had dealt with it maybe
Mairead and the others would have been arrested and still be here

"Whoever passed the information to the British was as responsible for
their death as the SAS.

"If this man's dead he will now have to answer for the crimes he
committed during his life, I have no doubt he is now with his own

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