Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Apr 5 18:18:03 MST 2002

A person for whom I have considerable respect submitted a post to a
local list beginning with the following paragraph. His/Her confusion no
doubt exemplifies the success of Zionist propaganda over the decades.
Were someone to post as follows to one of the progressive lists I
subscribe to my response would be quite harsh. I wish to respond
informatively rather harshly in this case. Could anyone help in
formulating a factual response to his/her questions.


Here is the paragraph:

Perhaps someone on the listserv could help me with the use of the phrase
"ethnic cleansing" here, which is the only phrase that gives me pause.
If by "ethnic cleansing" is meant the expulsion of persons deemed not
ethnically acceptable from a territory which they formerly inhabited, I
concur.  However, I thought that "ethnic cleansing" was the modern day
euphemism for genocide.  And since it is my understanding that
"Palestinians" include Jordanians from the post-WWI division of former
Ottoman holdings into "modern" states, I cannot quite understand what is
going on as a genocide nor can I necessarily deny that it is one.
"Palestinians" as an ethnic or national identification is between 50 to
80 years old, or maybe less(?)  Can the current violence be considered a
genocide?  Can the Palestinians living inside Israel's post-1967 and
post-1979 borders be considered a single, unique, unified group?***

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