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Hallo Carrol,

One way of approaching this is to refer to the League of Nations Mandate
giving Britain control of Palestine in 1919; the crucial aspect of that
Mandate is the requirement of the Mandate that the mandatory government
should do all in its power to "prepare the inhabitnts of the country for
self-government". The inhabitants of Palestine at the time consisted of Jews
and Arabic-speakers in more or less equal numbers, and moving to
self-government would have entailed power-sharing betweent he two groups on
a basis of equality. The Mandate was relinquished by Britain on the decision
of the United Nations to partition Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian
areas - in other words, the Arabic-speaking Palestinians were recognised as
one of the national groups in Palestine.  And for the last 55 years  their
territory and rights have been progressively subjected to erosion by
settlement by Jewish immigrants, and by military incursions....  etc etc.

As one who, in 1947, was a junior officer in the Middle East (tho' not in
Palestine itself) with 2nd Armoured Brigade, I remember full well that a
major factor in the decision of the British Government to relinquish its
Palestine Mandate was its relief at being releaved of the responsibility for
controlling Zionist terrorism in the country - of which the major incident
impressed on my mind was the blowing up of the King David Hotel - in which
many young British officers were killed.   And then the "terrorists" became
the government of Israel - and have since been consistent in their attempts
to gain control of the whole country of Palestine and to either expel, or
treat as inferiors in their own country the descendants of the
Arabic-speaking section of the pre-1947 inhabitants.

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