Confused by A20 split

Joe Cleffie redjoe1917 at
Sat Apr 6 06:31:11 MST 2002

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Essentially, the ANSWER coalition is led by Worker's World and the IAC.  The
other coalition is a grouping of various interests.  It is absolutely
outrageous to have two separate anti-war rallies in the same city and on the
same day.  The ISO is calling for unity in action for this rally with the hope
that others in the ANSWER coalition might be able to overcome Worker's World's
lead in breaking from the unity that they had agreed to.  With approval rating
for Bush's war still high anything but a united front strategy is plain
sectarianism of the worst kind.  Do we in the ISO agree with everyone that we
ally ourselves with? No.  But we will argue out our differences WITHIN the
larger movement that we find ourselves in.  Hopefully we will win the argument
for unity in this case.



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