The ongoing genocide in Palestine

grok grok at
Sat Apr 6 14:16:53 MST 2002

On Tue, 2002-04-02 at 20:35, rohan wrote:

> <snip - rest of almost undreadable email>
> I bet the BOURGEOISIE quake in *their* boots when YOU walk down the

They do seem to be VERY (there -- I did it AGAIN!) interested in EVERY
aspect of my life. For DECADES now. And I'm barely revealing the tip of
the iceberg here...

> As for DEATHSQUADS maybe they have a *problem* WITH the way YOU
> write your *email*, WHICH is very HARD to read.

Go ahead -- make a joke about it, schmuck.
Why not just call me PARANOID while you're at it?

> comradely,
> Rohan

THIS is the sick joke. Would the word 'hypocrite' apply here, maybe?

-- grok.

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