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> WWII was basically the same kind of exercise as WWI. Ernest Mandel's
> "The Meaning of the Second World War" contains the kind of
> information you are looking for, but unfortunately it is only
> available in university or big city central libraries.

I'm surprised to see Lou make this statement. I know most comrades see the first
two years of the Second World War to be another inter-imperialist war- so, in a
revolutionary defeatist position (during 39-41), was it wrong for British or
French (etc- any country outside of the USSR on the continent) workers to fight
fascists and defend "their" bourgeoisie? To me this would be the fundamental
point of just how different WWII was.

I'll wait for a response before any further questions on this. I suppose this is
another feeding frenzy for a Trotsky-Stalin spat. For that, my great regrets...


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