INLA call for a new Socialist Ireland

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North Belfast News
6 April 2002

INLA call for a new Socialist Ireland
By Colm Heatley

The Good Friday Agreement has increased sectarianism in Ireland, the
Irish National Liberation Army said this week in its annual Easter

However the group said they recognised the popular public support for
the Good Friday Agreement, even though it hasn't been fully

"As we predicted when the Good Friday Agreement was signed,
sectarianism has not only been institutionalised but has spread like

"The Good Friday Agreement has benefited the middle-classes not the

"And it has not been fully implemented.

"This movement took the extremely difficult decision to recognise
that the will of the Irish people was for the implementation of the
GFA and for peace.

"We acted accordingly and the INLA ceasefire has been as solid as

However, the Republican group said the Irish Republican Socialist
Party were considering standing prisoner Dessie O'Hare in the
Republic's forthcoming election in May.

"We call on the 26 county administration to respect their own Good
Friday Agreement and immediately release one of the last remaining
prisoners to qualify for release under the Good Friday Agreement,
Dessie O'Hare.

"From this platform we send greetings to our comrade Dessie, and say
we will not stop until your release."

The INLA also labelled the Irish Republic a land of fat-cat
capitalists, who had sold out the notion of Irish nationhood for

"The Republican Socialist Movement is made up of ordinary men and
women who live ordinary lives but who want, what is considered
extraordinary today, the right to live in a Republic that is
democratic, inclusive and based on socialist principles.

"Ask yourself who today stands by that concept of the Republic?

"Those fat cats of Irish business who award themselves bonuses of
£17m in one year for refusing union recognition?

"The drug dealers in every town and village in Ireland who spread
their poisonous trade among school kids?

"The racists who turn worker against worker by inflaming prejudices
and ignorance?"

The INLA also appealed to Republicans not to become involved in
sectarianism but pledged to defend nationalist communities against
sectarian attacks.

"Every day in those areas violence continues unabated as the poison
of sectarianism inflames working-class areas.

"The INLA has been active in the defence of working-class areas.

"That poses no threat to any ceasefire or threatens anyone except
sectarian and racist bigots.

"When the police and the forces of the state turn a blind eye to
sectarian attacks is it any wonder that republicans have to take to
the streets to defend areas from sectarian attacks? This movement
will not turn the other cheek."

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