FW: Mormon Racism/Genocide

grok grok at sprint.ca
Sun Apr 7 03:23:53 MDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 09:27, Sherry & Stan Goff wrote:

> There is so much wrongheadedness here that it's difficult to fugure out
> where to begin.

No, the problem is really the usual lack of perspective, 'apples and
oranges' dialectics problems between marxists -- regardless of any other
theoretical errors on both 'sides' here.

FI, you go -- wrongheadedly -- STRAIGHT back into the 'identity
politics' problem that was being addressed (and I address ONLY this
aspect -- please DON'T hang any other matter on me here, as has already
been the case). It looks to me like you are, typically, fixated on one
level of matters, and not taking essential others into account; but
again, this is not unusual in marxism.

However, this type of theoretical problem being the endless cesspit it
is, I'll just stop right here for now.

-- grok.

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