FW: Mormon Racism/part 1

Austin, Andrew austina at uwgb.edu
Sun Apr 7 11:58:23 MDT 2002

Race is an ideology that confuses other interests. Race is a social
construction, created and recreated in thought and behavior across all
social classes. Race is an objective system of oppression operating beyond
consciousness. Race is an organic and historical force with its own
appetites and imperatives. Race intersects with class, gender, and age to
compound oppression and exploitation. Race is all these things. What race is
not is a biological reality. What race is not is something that can be
reduced to class exploitation. Even if race was "in the beginning" an
ideological construction of the rising bourgeoisie (the reality is far more
complex than this), it is not now only this. Believing that race is merely
bourgeoisie ideology is itself an ideology.

Andrew Austin
Green Bay, WI

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