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>From Green Left Weekly, April 10, 2002.

Asia-Pacific solidarity boosted by conference

SYDNEY - "Exhausting but absolutely exhilarating!" and "An incredible spirit
of solidarity" were how some participants described the second Asia Pacific
International Solidarity Conference, held on March 29-April 1 at Sydney Boys
High School. The conference attracted more than 750 people. Activists from
more than 30 countries, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, attended.

"International work is a responsibility that must be undertaken as well as
the national work we do in our own countries", Dita Sari, from Indonesia's
National Front for Labour Struggles, said in her address to the conference.
Sari recently turned down a human rights award of US$50,000 from shoe giant

An important aspect of the gathering was to discuss the strengthening of
ties between struggles in the region especially those against war, racism,
corporate globalisation and national oppression.

The conference was buoyed by a message of solidarity from the Brazilian
organising committee of the World Social Forum, which organised the huge
gathering of anti-corporate globalisation activists in Porto Alegre, Brazil,
in 2001 and 2002.

The March 28 public meeting which launched the conference was addressed by
Sari, Dipankar Bhattacharya, general secretary of the Communist Party of
India (Marxist Leninist), Roberto Baggio from the Brazilian Landless Rural
Workers' Movement, Sonny Melencio, chairperson of the Philippines Socialist
Party of Labour, Michael Albert, from Z magazine and Z-Net in the US, and
Riz Wakil, a refugee from Afghanistan, now living in Australia.

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