Garden of Genocide -- and grassroots killings

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Mon Apr 8 08:20:31 MDT 2002

The Garden of Genocide has many poisonous manifestations.  Even discounting
the existence of genocide as Israeli/state policy [something about which one
cannot sometimes help but wonder at this point],  it's brutally obvious that
much of the leadership of Israel has seeded hard-line policy intractability
against moderation and conciliation, callousness vis-a-vis basic human
rights alchemically into the waters of racism,  and ethnic hatred -- all of
these to the
point that an increasing number of Israelis are practicing a kind of  very
lethal genocide against the Palestinians at this very moment.

The closest thing to pervasive  fascism that has existed  in this country
was Mississippi ["The Closed Society."]  Other Southern states had, within
their borders,  very large areas that were just as segregated, just as
racist, just as brutally violent as the Magnolia State.  But with
Mississippi, from the latter 1950s into the mid-1960s, it was all in a fully
feathered- out  totalitarian framework. Almost no non-Whites could even
register to vote and many poor Whites were without franchise. Powerful
police forces existed at every level -- backed up by ignorant Anglo rabbles.
Virtually every public official -- all of whom were White -- was a member of
the Citizens' Council [the "uptown KKK"] and committed to "States Rights,
Racial Integrity." [The exceptions were very, very few:  courageous Bill
Winter, then state tax collector -- and eventually, much later, governor
from 1980-84; and one or two state legislators.]

The leadership of Mississippi at virtually every level, especially during
the sanguinary Ross Barnett rule and the first part of the Paul Johnson
administration, was convinced the state was under attack by "Communist race
mixers" from within and via the Federal government and The North, as well as
by sea -- i.e., Cuba.  Massive resistance and day-after-day paranoia and
hatred -- laced with sanctimonious and hypocritical platitudes  disclaiming
violence and proclaiming democracy, etc -- incited much of the White
population. White moderates were especially hated. The leadership would have
been both horrified and insulted to have been accused of promoting
 genocide -- BUT:

Among the evil effects of the Mississippi system  were many, many many
Blacks  killed with dreary frequency -- much of this unreported nationally
and all of this unpunished [if even investigated.]  This was grassroots
genocide.  It wasn't disclaimed by the leadership which -- looked the other
way.  It was certainly a variety of genocide -- and much of it was
carried out by so-called official "lawmen" -- constables, police, sheriffs
and deputies, highway patrolmen -- often "under color of law."

Dissent was systematically stifled -- often strangled. And then brutally

And if Black kids threw rocks at the violent Mississippi "lawmen", as some
did in the aftermath of Medgar Evers' funeral [I had already been arrested
and saw much through the tiny circle of bars in a paddy wagon located
conveniently in the middle of it all], shots were fired at them, the
Governor proclaimed this a "riot" and called up even more National Guardsmen
to bolster the huge racist forces of "lawmen" already mobilized for the
status quo.

And there were people in the Kennedy administration who decried the matter
of Black kids throwing rocks at Mississippi lawmen -- who were clubbing and
police-dogging and fire-hosing and tear-gassing -- and shooting.

[Mississippi was not alone in all of this, of course, and these atrocities
occurred across much of the South and in many parts of the country -- and
still continue in varying forms in Free America.]

The Blacks of the United States and the other dispossessed are not committed
to genocide again anyone.  Even in the very "old time," there were many
Native American leaders who sought some sort of accommodation with the
Europeans -- but always had their efforts destroyed by the invaders whose
hunger, of course, was consistently [and often still is] insatiable.

I doubt if most Palestinians are committed to genocide against Israel,
either -- but many more days of this could certainly ensure that a very huge
number move into that camp.

In any case, from what the world sees, the State of Israel with all of its
official might and means is attacking an almost completely civilian
population:  people that are increasingly destitute and scattered -- and

Human courage and persistence for social justice always endure in the long
run.  Mississippi et al. changed -- and so will Israel.  Let's hope that the
United States does as well.

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]

Hunter Gray  [ Hunterbear ]  ( social justice )

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