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Mon Apr 8 13:36:17 MDT 2002


Even Pinochet wouldn't have dared open a public debate on the
permissibility of torture! Sometimes I wish there were a god or some
extraterrestrial superior intelligence that would come here and do
the Sodom and Gomorrah thing on Washington!

Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 09:16:22 -0400
From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at>
Subject: Torture

Beneath you will find an article from the latest Time Magazine that gives
backhanded support for torturing al-Qaeda members. This question has been

The "T word," as Rumsfeld prefers it to be called, has been percolating
through legal and military circles for some months. Is the brutalization of
one life justified if it could save thousands? According to a CNN/USA Today
poll last fall, 45% of Americans surveyed supported torture to prevent
attacks. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has endorsed the issuance of

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