Florida Community College at Jacksonville Faculty Votes For Union

Michael Hoover HooverM at scc-fl.edu
Mon Apr 8 15:47:10 MDT 2002

Friends, Brothers and Sisters,comrades:

I am very happy to announce that yesterday, April 4, 2002, AFT 2397 at  Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ) won recognition as the collective bargaining representative of faculty by asubstantial margin.

With 90% turnout, 132 voted "NO" -- and 201 voted "UNION YES".

We intend to begin negociations with the FCCJ administration as soon as possible.

My job was a causalty of this struggle.  In the midst of campaigning for the union, on Feb 21, I was told that, after the end of the present semester, I would not be allowed to work for FCCJ.  I have worked for FCCJ 15 years.  We
will fight to keep my job.

Professor Russell Pelle
AFT 2397 Delegate to North Florida Central Labor Council

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