Romancing the Native: A Study in Edofascism -Part 2

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Romancing the Native: A Study in Ecofascism

"The basic Indian goal is the reestablishment on the
reservations of the natural ecological balance or
reciprocity among humans, plants, and animals that
existed before Euro-American occupation. On the
Plains, a restored population of bison would be a sign
that things had been put back together again on a
sustainable basis. As Fred DuBray puts it, 'We
recognize that the bison is a symbol of our strength
and unity and that as we bring our herds back to
health, we will also bring our people back to health.'
In Mark Heckert's view, this could be called
sustainable agriculture 'because you can get what you
need to survive without inordinately disrupting the
system,' and the result would be self-governing tribes
in which the bison are thriving again, the ceremonies
have been revived, and the bond between Indian people
and the bison has been reestablished."

In part one of this series, we saw that Louis feels
organisms, including humans, should stick to their own
"appropriate" environment. A place for everything, and
everything in it's place, as they say.  An article in
Counterpunch discusses this point in relation to
conservation of trout:
"It is true, this business of eradicating
"non-natives" can
go too far. Back in Nazi Germany young Aryans used to
hike about at weekends, exterminating alien plant
species and extolling "race specific, blood and
soil-rooted, homeland-oriented garden design". A.
Kraemer, a garden architect, called for "race specific
gardens, which have their origins in nationality and
landscape, blood and soil".
Flora as well as fauna were marshalled into desirable
undesirable types. Theorists of landscape design such
as Willy Lange saw the purpose of the "nature garden"
as not primarily to please humans. Plants, as much as
animals, should have equal rights, with native plants
much preferred over alien species. Lange denounced the
formal garden as characteristic of the "South Alpine

This appeal to the natural order - the last resort of
reactionary - reveals a profound bankruptcy of human
understanding. We have seen how, for Hitler, the idea
race is simply a "convenient conception" by means of
which he will be able to establish his eternal order.
Since this eternal order is an explicitely spiritual
one - and
therefore entirely imaginary - reactionaries must
resort to
arbitrary appeals to concret reality in order to fix
ideas in the minds of others.

"Those who want to live, let them fight; and those who
not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do
deserve to live. It is our duty to inform all
weaklings that
this is simply a question of to be or not to be. . .
lies eternally and exclusively in attack... World
history is
made by minorities when this minority of number
embodies a majority of will and determination...
Mankind has grown great in eternal struggle, and only
in eternal peace will it perish." Mein Kampf

This doctrine of struggle seems at odds with the
of eternal order - it almost seems dialectic. A closer
reveals that order lies not in structure, but in
laws of Nature:

"Ultimate wisdom always consists in understanding the
instinctive causes, that is: a man must never fall
into the
madness of believing that he has really risen to be
lord and master over Nature, which is so easily
induced by the conceit of half-education, but must
understand the
fundamental necessity of Nature’s rule, and realize
how much his existence is subject to these laws of
eternal combat and upward struggle. Then he will sense
that in a universe where planets revolve around suns,
and moons turn about planets, where force alone
forever masters weakness, compelling it to be an
obedient servant or else crushing it, there can be no
special laws for man. For him, too, the eternal
principles of this ultimate wisdom hold sway. He can
try to grasp them; but escape them, never. . . This
planet once moved through space for millions of years
without human beings, and it can
do so again some day if men forget that they owe their
higher existence, not to the ideas of a few crazy
ideologues, but to the knowledge and ruthless
application of Nature's laws. . It is life alone that
all things must serve." Mein Kampf

And here we get to the heart of the matter. "Life"
stands as a primeval force that all "things" must

Hitler's Racial Ideology: Content and Occult Sources
by Jackson Spielvogel and David Redles:
"We do not judge by merely artistic or military
or even by purely scientific ones. We judge by the
spiritual energy which a people is capable of putting
forth, which will enable it in ten years to recapture
what it has lost in a thousand years of warfare." And
thus Hitler's new order would be established with
spiritually pure Aryans, demigod rulers, who, as
Hitler enigmatically expressed it, "having achieved
possession of this earth, will have a free path for
activity in domains which will lie partly above it and
partly outside it."26
"Blavatsky felt that as man evolved materially and
intellectually this "Third Eye" atrophied to what is
the pineal gland and man mostly lost his psychic
powers.41 But, stated Blavatsky, mankind is destined
to regain these abilities. That Hitler was well versed
in these racial peculiarities is demonstrated in one
of Herman Rauschning's conversations with Hitler:  The
pursuit of the "random path of the intelligence," we
learned, was the real defection of man from his divine
mission. To have "magic insight" was apparently
Hitler's idea of the goal of human progress. He
himself felt that he already had the rudiments of this
gift. He attributed to it his success and his future
eminence. A savant of Munich ... had also written some
curious stuff about the prehistoric world ... about
forms of perception instinct," racial purity, and
inner spirituality. If the Nazi movement was to lead
the Aryan race back to its purest form, it must,
Hitler felt, eliminate those factors that caused it to
stray in the first place. These are the intellect,
egoism, materialism, and impurity of blood."

Here again we have the confusion of intellect and
instinct, the scapegoating of egoism, materialism, and
"the wisdom of the world", the appeal to cosmic order,
and the absolutist morality that we saw in the
Pythagorean, Buddhist, and Christian movements, and
which have found renewed popularity with the influence
of the New Age movement. for some reason, when you
dress all this hatred up in "spirituality", otherwise
intelligent people think it's a good thing.

"In our case this term [instinctive] has no meaning.
Because everyone who believes in the higher evolution
of living organisms must admit that every
manifestation of the vital urge and struggle to live
must have had a definite beginning in time and that
one subject alone must have manifested it for the
first time. It was then repeated again and again; and
the practice of it spread over a widening area, until
finally it passed into the subconscience of every
member of the species, where it manifested itself as
'instinct.' This is more easily understood and more
easy to believe in the case of man. His first skilled
tactics in the struggle with the rest of the animals
undoubtedly originated in his management of creatures
which possessed special capabilities.  There can be no
doubt that personality was then the sole factor in all
decisions and achievements, which were afterwards
taken over by the whole of humanity as a matter of
course. An exact exemplification of this may be found
in those fundamental military principles which have
now become the basis of all strategy in war.
Originally they
sprang from the brain of a single individual and in
course of many years, maybe even thousands of years,
they were accepted all round as a matter of course and
this gained universal validity." Mein Kampf

"The Movement must promote respect for personality by
every means.  It must never forget that in personal
worth lies the worth of everything human; that every
idea and every achievement is the result of one man’s
creative force, and that the admiration of greatness
constitutes not only a tribute of thanks to the
latter, but also casts a unifying bond around the
grateful." Mein Kampf

The "principle of personality" is key to holding
the apparent contradiction between the homogenizind
intent of the doctrine of volk, and the blatant
elitism of the
fuhrer princip. The emphasis on the self-sufficiency,
"autonomous responsibioity" as Anthony Wallace calls
it, of the putative unspoiled native allows each
individual to imagine himself pure and unspoilt, even
as the myth of
freely given gratitude allows him to save face as he
capitulates to every demand of the leader - and
it's inevitable as a force of nature. At the same
time, it
allows the individual to live viicariously through the
victorious leader.

"By July 1921, Hitler had realised that his inherent
charisma was the key to the whole success of
National-Socialism. After threatening to form a rival
organisation when Drexler had proposed a merger
between the NSDAP and the Arbendlandischer Bund
[Western League], Hitler issued an uncompromising
ultimatum and demanded that he be made Party Chairman
and immediately assume full dictatorial powers. In his
own words, recent events have convinced me now more
than ever that without iron leadership the Party will
in a very short time cease to be what it ought to
be[[17]8]. Hitler knew only too well that he was the
life and soul of what had previously been little more
than a drinking club for disillusioned ex-soldiers
and, by
August 1921, Hitlers gamble had paid off and he
finally got his own way." From Synthesis, an online
journal of

Fascist ideologues are well aware that personal habits
dependence are fostered in the home:

"It is becoming clear that the State can never provide
the care that it claims. Because of its high taxation,
labour costs are high. In a welfare state caring has
to be
paid for. The State can never afford to pay for the
that the extended family used to provide, free.
The breakdown of the extended family and now the
nuclear family means that control of the young has
disappeared. Bad behaviour used to reflect on the
whole extended family, so there was considerable
pressure on children to behave. Grandparents would
wield the strongest but tolerant influence,
particularly grandmothers. It is the female in rearing
the children who sets the standards of behaviour. And
the oldest have the most moral authority. ‘Matriarch’
is the wrong term, meaning a woman who rules. It is
not power she has but influence.
....The extended family has vanished because of
of Labour. Once the crops were sold out of the
village, they were no longer able to provide jobs
within the village." -from the Synthesis website

Romancing the native is not a modern invention. It is
as old as the Sumerians and Tacitus. The Arthurian
Legends are a product of the Normans' romancing of the
Saxons and Celts. Rouseau usherred in the Romantic Era
with his version of the Noble Savage; and the American
Transcendentalists resulted in "The Last of the
Mowhicans", which pitted the "good" Noable Savage
against the Bad. It allows the civilized but
discontented man an opportunity to have his cake and
eat it too. He can feel that he is tapping into a
primeval spirituality that he admires, yet must feel
superior to; and at the same time it allows him to
feel that he has a superior right to the benefits of
life bestowed by civilization. It allows him to feel
that he is "in the world, but not of the world", that
he really belongs to a superior plane.

The contradictory nature of the fascist ideology is no
accident. In drawing absolute lines in the sand, and
identifying the inner man with the will to live, the
ideologue sets up a climate in which the smashing of
the old rotten order is seen as a righteous, holy
calling - for
which There is No Alternative.

"Fascism and neofascism (by L. Proyect)


Fascism is the most extreme form of counterrevolution.
Counterrevolution itself only emerges as a response to
revolution. Nazism, for example, didn't arrive because
German people all of a sudden lost their bearings from
overdose of Wagner's operas and Nietzsche's aphorisms.
It arrived at a time when massive worker's parties
threatened bourgeois rule during a period of terrible
economic hardship. Big capital backed Hitler as a last
resort. The Nazis represented reactionary politics
gone berserk. Not only could Nazism attack worker's
parties, it could also attack powerful institutions of
the ruling class, including its churches, media,
intellectuals, parties and individual families and
individuals. Fascism is not a scalpel. It is a very
explosive, uncontrollable weapon that can also inflict
some harm on its wielder.

In "Bonapartism and Fascism", written on July 15,
1934, a year after Hitler's rise to power, Trotsky
clarifies the
relationship between the two tendencies:
"What has been said sufficiently demonstrates how
important it is to distinguish the Bonapartist form of
power from the fascist form. Yet, it would be
unpardonable to fall into the opposite extreme, that
is, to convert Bonapartism and fascism into two
logically incompatible categories. Just as Bonapartism
begins by combining the parliamentary regime with
fascism, so triumphant fascism finds itself forced not
only to enter a bloc with the Bonapartists, but what
is more, to draw closer internally to the Bonapartist
system. The prolonged domination of finance capital by
means of
reactionary social demagogy and petty- bourgeois
terror is impossible. Having arrived in power, the
fascist chiefs are forced to muzzle the masses who
follow them by means of the state apparatus. By the
same token, they lose the support of broad masses of
the petty bourgeoisie."


Petty bourgeois terror does not spring full-blown from
forehead of Zeus. Likewise, neither does the ideology
that is used to whip the petty bourgeoisie into a
frenzy. It's propaganda is drawn from the most ancient
of cultural
motifs embedded in what Engels called "the ancient

If Louis wants to romance his "Herculean" Blackfoot,
that's a matter of personal aesthetics. But he is not
entitled to call that politics. The personal is not

The Comrade That Dare Not Speak Her Name 

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