Putting Arms Beyond Use

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Tue Apr 9 11:17:53 MDT 2002

The following is the full text of an IRA statement released 080402
The leadership of Oglaigh na h-Eireann has taken another
initiative to put arms beyond use.
This follows detailed discussions between our representative and
the IICD [Independent International Commission on
This initiative is unilateral at a time when there are those who
are not fulfilling their obligations.
It could be argued that the IRA should not take such an
initiative, but it is precisely because of this that an
initiative has been undertaken, so the peace process can be
stabilised, sustained and strengthened.
We fully appreciate the difficulties this causes for republicans,
however the IRA is a highly disciplined and committed
This is a leadership initiative.
We are relying on the discipline and commitment of our support
base and our volunteers.
We remain committed to achieving our republican objectives.
However, the securing of a democratic peace settlement is not
solely a task for Irish republicans and we are mindful of the
primary obligation of the British government and of the Unionist
This process can work if there is the political will to make it
succeed , the IRA has once again demonstrated that will.
P O'Neill

A few points:
1. What they say is what they mean - the IICD statement is the only other
one to read
2. This is a measure which has taken control of this issue away from our
opponents - where is the issue now?
3. The resolution of this contradiction will produce further contradictions
both within our movement and for the enemy. The movement is solid - in fact,
I think people are more interested and concerned about political issues.
4. The British and the Unionists are now silent about this issue about which
they raised such a hue and cry - in fact they are talking down the move. The
new issue which they are trying to 'beat' us with is the amnesty for people
'on the run'. They want to limit this and drag it out - they also want to
link it with amnesty for British Army murderers who have, in all cases,
never served a sentence.

Other news: at present, the RUC/PSNI Special Branch have raided and are
continuing to raid various Republicans' houses. They claim to be searching
for documents taken from the ultra high security Castlereagh barracks. This
was raided on April 1st by three men who took a near complete list of
informers and their handlers (although these may be coded) from the
detention centre and beat up a guard. It is not known who conducted the raid
although the finger of suspicion was immediately pointed towards British
Military Intelligence covering up their tracks.

Since then, the RUC has claimed that the IRA conducted the raid and the
British Minister for the North of Ireland has said that British National
Security was compromised. The leadership has stated, on behalf of Sinn Fein,
"no Republicans were involved". A daylight raid to the core of Castlereagh
barracks by the IRA would represent possibly the greatest embarrassment the
British Military have ever suffered in the North. It is extremely unlikely
that three Republicans could have walked in from the street and into the
centre of the highest security building in the North through an array of
security doors and checks in order to lift such information from a safe. As
such, the Special Branch moves should be seen as an attempt to divert
attention from their own activities in collusion with loyalists. One
Republican is being charged with having material useful to 'terrorists'
although the material allegedly found was not connected to the allegations
made about the raid.


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