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Tue Apr 9 12:41:23 MDT 2002

For my class on labor and the state, I am going to show the video "1877: the
Grand Army of Starvation" (an account, narrated by James Earl Jones, of the
first national mass labor uprising in the U.S.) and the newsreel footage
from "The Memorial Day Massacre" (Chicago police opened fire on peaceful
demonstrators in front of the Republic Steel Corporation in Chicago during
the Little Steel Strike in 1937).  The film was confiscated by the Chicago
police, who were themselves billeted at Republic Steel and issued special
billy clubs by the corporation).

I am looking for one or two more films on this topic.  Any suggestions?
"American Dream" (title?) by Barbara Koppel isn't too bad (on strike at
Hormel in Austin, Minnesota).  Same for the UMW film on the Pittston strike.
But what would be better would be a film focusing on public employees, since
most of my students are public sector workers.  It does not have to be about
U.S. workers.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Yates

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