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Forwarded from Steve Colatrella:

A formatted version of this flyer, announcing our memorial event in 
remembrance of Martin Glaberman is attached. By printing it out you will 
have a copy appopriate to posting, mailing out or leafletting. Please feel 
free to circulate this widely and to join us in remembering a great friend, 
teacher, brother and comrade. Steven 

“There is a contradiction between the workers’ being and the workers’ 
consciousness. It would be quite remarkable if this were not so in a 
capitalist society. If that was where the matter rested, with the control 
by the ruling class of all the significant means of education and 
communication, then
it wouldn’t matter in the slightest what workers 
thought. But the domination over the production of ideas is never enough 
for those who rule, because the reality of workers’ lives is in 
contradiction to the ideas that dominate the society. It is the 
contradiction between being and consciousness which produces change.” 

“How then, did these revolutions take place? The assumptions that would 
make those events intelligible, that would remove them from the category of 
historical accidents that are of no interest to observers, are the 
assumptions that I have tried to apply to the wartime wildcat strikes in the 
auto industry. They indicate, it seems to me, a fundamental class 
solidarity and a huge hidden reserve of consciousness and activity which can 
produce similar spontaneous outbursts on a vast social scale in the United 
States. This is not a prediction that these events will occur. It is, 
rather, a suggestion that those who are concerned with fundamental social 
change would do better to base themselves on a working class revolutionary 
potential than on the limited empirical evidence of the day-to-day.” 

- Martin Glaberman, Wartime Strikes 

Remembering Martin Glaberman 

Sponsored by: 
Tamiment Library, NYU 
Midnight Notes 
Bewick Editions 

A panel of the Socialist Scholars’ Conference 

Saturday, April 13 
5:30 PM 
Tamiment Library, NYU 
70 Washington Square South 
10th Floor 
(Open to the public, but bring photo ID) 

Featured Speakers: 
Peter Linebaugh, author, The London Hanged, The Many-Headed Hydra 
Seymour Faber, co-author with Martin Glaberman of Working for Wages: 
Roots of Insurgency 
Gene Glaberman, brother of Martin Glaberman 
Scott McLemee, editor of CLR James and Revolutionary Marxism 
Ferruccio Gambino, editor, Altreragioni 
Staughton Lynd, editor, IMPACT, author, The Rank and File 

Come and help us remember a remarkable friend and comrade! 


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