The role of gangs...

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Apr 10 00:02:44 MDT 2002

Good questions.
I suspect the state attack and destruction of various
revolutionary organizations in tandem with the infusion
of drugs into the communities where such revolutionary
groups were in the process of being neutralized
greatly facilitated the rise of gangs.  This happened in
the last thirty years of the XXth century in the USA.
The demographic base for gangs still holds
revolutionary potential, beyond the lumpen qualities
of the entities themselves which can only be seen
as defensive in nature, really.

BTW, I saw footage from Palestine in which
appeared stencil-painted mural images of Che
(about the size of a sheet of paper or card)
identical to the size and method of similar
stencil-painted images of Che I saw on the
walls of working class districts of the Chilean
port city of San Antonio. In Chile such
graffiti was associated with a group or groups
of youth that operated some said like a gang
but with revolutionary slogans.
I'm not sure how to sort that out as I did
not have the opportunity to get to the bottom of it
in situ.

Basically, gangs are social formations related to
other such groupings. I think that quantity can
transform into quality in this case as well.

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