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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 10 08:33:06 MDT 2002

(About a month ago, I got pulled into an informal email discussion group
involving Bard College graduates, their children and friends. Most are
Jewish and conventionally liberal, or to the left. It now numbers 14
people. One person, who graduated in 1965 along with me, converted to
Judaism after marrying a female rabbi. He crossposted the remarks of an
Israeli general to give you an idea of where his head is at. On all other
questions, he is predictably liberal. I guess converts are more zealous
than those who were born into the faith. This showed up just now, in
response to the item I posted to the list yesterday, written by a Jewish
woman for Znet.)

American Jews live in a fantasy world driven by the "chosen people" myth,
fueled and inflamed by white racism. Israel is the only bad guy here, and
what Americans (and Israelis) call Palestinian terrorism is simply the
carrying out of a necessary defensive war against military occupation by
the only means available, as the Vietnamese had to do against occupation by
first the Japanese, then the French, and finally the Americans. Guerilla
war against a vastly superior - and more vicious - military force is costly
to both sides, grossly misunderstood by the audience to a fully controlled
media machine, and ultimately victorious, as in "nothing left to lose".
Surely it must be obvious that if the Palestinisns had planes, tanks and
missiles, they would use them. Would Americans think the war was "fair" if
both sides had exactly the same resources? Would it be "terrorism" if
Palestinian jets bombed Tel Aviv? If a modern Palestinian army occupied
vast stretches of Israeli territory and herded kibbutzniks into camps?

There can be no compromise here, only victory, and both sides know it. The
world has seen that when the IRA gave up their weapons, they LOST. Simply
BEING a Palestinian in what used to be Palestine is a form of
suicide...slower and more painful than using a bomb to blow up yourself and
several enemy, but just as inevitable. It's long past time for American
Jews to keep justifying inhuman behavior just because it's committed by
members of their tribe. The Republicans have political and economic reasons
for being on the wrong side of this war (as they are on the wrong side of
most others -if not all) but American Jews do not.

And pleasse, no e-mails telling me about innocent Israeli children or the
nasty Yasser Arafat. I know most of you think I'm wrong about this, but I
am way tired of hearing people who should know better talking about this
question as though there were really two sides.


Louis Proyect
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