225 Years of Genocide

Mohammad J Alam alam.m at neu.edu
Wed Apr 10 12:05:57 MDT 2002

I received this amazing correspondence from someone who read my article
"Blaming the Victim: Hating the Palestinians" at counterpunch.org.

Wa saa itu watee? How are You?

I send this message to you my friend, as an Indigenous inhabitant of the
Western Hemisphere, a citizen of the Auk Kwaan Tlingit Nation (in what is
now called Alaska), and as a person as colonized by the United States as
Palestinian brothers and sisters are by Israel. I stand in total solidarity
with the Palestinian people and do so, because of my understanding of our
similar histories and struggles. I read your article "Blaming the Victim"
and enjoyed it and agree completely with your viewpoints. I have some
insight for you, which you may, or may not have on why the U.S. blames the
Palestinian people for all that transpires in Palestine: The U.S. was
founded on the same settler-state colonialism that Israel was, maintained
through 225 years of genocide, ethnocide, and violence that is now being
visited upon Palestine. For the U.S to admit that Israel is wrong is to
admit that they, and thier entire historical, political, and cultural
entirety is a farce, founded in the blood of my ancestors and maintained
through our continued colonization and indoctrination. Adolph Hitler
the U.S. Expansionist policies of the 19th century to construct his own
policy of "Lebenscraumpolitik" or "the Politics of Living Space" and Israel
has done the same in it's treatment of the Palestinian land and people.
Israel stands on the shoulders of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington,
George Custer, and the rest of Americas most famous Indian-Killers.

In Solidarity,

Auk Kwaan Tlingit Nation

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