The role of Gangs/Hoods

Mike Schwartz tiggertrot at
Wed Apr 10 19:37:30 MDT 2002

This is being written in haste so forgive me.
This is something that I've tought about for a long time. Personally, I am 
tired of hearing about the revolutionary potential of gangs. Besides 
personal experience that I had in such a grouping when I was younger we can 
see their role every day. In Los Angeles, over 10,000 young people have been 
murdered by gangs in the past 18 years, 10,000!. I am a teacher in Los 
Angeles. I teach in some of the worst schools in LA. Every day I hear 
stories about family members, teachers, and students who are murdered by 
gang members. Just two weeks ago three immigrant students who didn't even 
speak english were shot by gang memebrs on campus. Peple are literally 
afraid to walk their own streets. In one poor community hundreds of people 
rallied at city hall asking for more police!
I don't think we have to search out the alienanted memebrs of society. It 
seems to me that there is a workng class with about 100 million people that 
is perfectly capable of carrying out the revolution. Gang members spend most 
of their time acting as parasites on the communities that they live in. 
Wrokers get robbed on paydays, drug dealers run the neighborhoods. If you 
view a "gang" as young people just hanging out together hat's one thing. But 
I do not think that the organized gangs are going to play any role in the 
revolution except that of a potential force for reaction. There are many 
workers who live in these communities who will be on the front lines of any 
struggle but go talk to them about what they think about the gangs and I 
think you'll understand what the community thinks about them.
Mike Schwartz

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