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        People's Tribune/Tribuno del Pueblo (Online Edition)
            Vol. 29 No. 4/ April, 2002

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by Mark Charlton-Davis

People everywhere are fighting over shadows of only one reality,
and not true reality itself. In India for example, the Hindus and
Muslims are presently slaughtering each other over religions that
do not concern them, having originated with indigenous peoples,
Black peoples of India and the Middle East; this paradigm has to

Humility is an unwritten law of survival to earthen meek ones, to
dark people -- people who have throughout time lived outside with
the Sun, Nature people living respectfully with fellow creatures.
When indigenous humans were free, Nature felt safe because harmony
was also liberated. Paradise and Heaven both existed upon this
planet. Modern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity,
Shintoism, Islam, and other faiths bred from this fruitful time
period have since put an end to any such paradise, an end to any
such freedom and most of all an abrupt end to liberty. The pious
Christian pronounces these words freely, that is "freedom,"
"liberty," "love," "respect," and "justice," but adversely
construct and worship reciprocal false images of these words in
order to profit from them instead, and for supporting Christian
Ego. In fear of the "Ancestors," in fear of the Christian
historical past they hide the truth. In fear of Black parenting
the human race and of their predecessors they disconnect the Holy
Bible from its original Kemetic African roots.

All modern religions everywhere hide their Black indigenous roots;
they fear and even hate blackness and darkness while equating them
with something never understood by them or comprehended: evil,
equating blackness with the Satanic and the diabolical.

In league with that women are also disrobed and/or covered head to
toe, mentally imprisoned and physically abused in the process:
religion is continuously incorporating women with "evil" (example:
Eve in the Garden of Eden). Religion fears the power and deep
watery peaceful corrective action of strong wise black women from
the bush. Religions, governments and organizations everywhere fear
children most of all, the one's coming from where we are going,
the ones who know how to "all get along," fearing their
omnipotence and reflective innocence.

Religions everywhere fear the natural element of Change.

Throughout history, modernity and the European ethos considered
indigenous bushmen and women as "poor" and "impoverished" people
simply because they didn't bother with gross amounts of material
possessions. The indigenous (a word meaning "black origin") human
cared and still cares little about profiting off the hard labor of
their fellow neighbors. They are unconcerned with how modernity
gains "wealth." However, contented indigenous villagers "didn't
know" they were poor until outside invaders forced their way into
these cultures and presumably told them they were poor. With that
has come many issues and problems to solve.

Indigenous bush men and women to this day do not rate wealth with
"precious" stones, gold and silver, money, cars, big houses, new
products, traveling far away, clothes nor profits. In fact,
traveling for no practical reason other than to "get away" or for
comfort is down right insanity to the indigenous man and woman who
create their dreams where they live. Indigenous men and women
believe wisdom and knowledge to be a sign of wealth, and the
ability to grow good crops in good soil. Wealth is water in any
amount. In Africa, women, as a libation, upon the outside earth
pour water every morning in gratitude for water's prosperity. The
elements are sacred and thus respected by the indigenous culture.

Dark soil was and still is a sign of wealth to everyone living on
this planet, because it means the soil is rich in vitality and
nutrients, worms and growth, and therefore the possibility of life
exists within the black color's potential. Indigenous men and
women, in the bush villages of countries everywhere, for hundreds
of thousands of years, cultivated and worked together: families
and friends, communities, farming, gathering, hunting, and
celebrating with singing and dancing during the whole process. The
mundane became nonexistent. Paradise and heaven are and were
obtained from the satisfaction and contentment advancing from and
existing in a natural state with families and friends. Food,
clothing, and shelter are there naturally for those living
harmoniously with surrounding environment and atmosphere.

"Blackness" coincides with "poverty" only because people living in
harmony with nature meet their needs outside with the elements!
The harmonious have control over desires and greed. Blackness,
Geechee, Gulla, Bongo, Niggardly, Backward, Primitive, Savage,
Country, Simple, and poor folks have been throughout history
lumped into one category. Why else do poor whites, "trailer
trash," and country hicks enjoy hunting and fishing? Even they are
"kin" to this subconscious understanding.

So when these religions spit upon one another, quarrel and kill
for the sake of God, they kill for vanity alone, not for God nor
for the betterment of society, but for their own Ego. All of the
modern religions mentioned earlier are guilty of genocide and the
destruction of the very peoples that provided them with religion,
education and technology.

The Bottom Line

Quit all Modern religion, for it is falsely upholding the lie more
than the truth. Return to the way of the Ancestors by honoring our
Mothers and Fathers as Sacred, alive and deceased, as Jesus did.
Avoid spending money completely, for it inflates world insecurity.
If we stop spending, our poverty will recede with the wealth! Let
us grow our own food and clothing, and this will wean us off the
breasts of a sick society.

Redefine the meaning of "Wealth" -- What do rich people have? Lots
of $paper$; nothing else!! Land and freedom are our birthright.
Stop money, quit spending, and avoid thinking money is a solution,
or even part of a solution. Trade love, respect, and assistance
with primarily family in sacredness... it is that simple. As
others see you prosper they will follow.

Redefine the meaning of "Black." Black originated humans and all
life forms from the darkness of an abyssal space. Black people
began all modern religion everywhere on this planet. Without Black
(and carbon, melanin and space) nothing would exist! We must
orient humanity toward Black, and quit viewing it disrespectfully.

Redefine the meaning of "God" -- All religions point to a Supreme
Predecessor as an Ancestor, whether it is God, the Sun, or
alternate life forms. By respecting as sacred our mothers and
fathers, and by seeing them as our closest connection to that
primordial Predecessor, our world problems will heal simply and
organically! "No religion" means belonging to all religion with
wisdom in consciousness and genuine spiritual understanding
everywhere. Do not separate from one another.

Redefine the meaning of "Power" -- Power is the ability to be
self-supporting; the ability of a given subject to move under it's
own force. We can devalue and dismantle the "Powers That Be" by
simply becoming more self-sufficient, taking care of our roots,
our parental Ancestors living and dead. Grow our own food and
clothes. Families can work together to accomplish anything. Take
care of our families and children.

With this basic understanding it is my hope to assist in shifting
the paradigm and end the violence happening worldwide.


I am of course in favor of ending violence.

Melvin P.

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