The role of Gangs/Hoods

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Thu Apr 11 01:09:46 MDT 2002

I hear you, Mike.
La Vida Loca, ese.
This phenomenon reaches back, way back.
Italian gangs, sometimes called La Cosa Nostra, etc.,
Irish gangs, the Seven Corners mob, the Purple Gang in Detroit, etc.
There are common components.
John Gotti may have been a leading condotierri if he had lived during
the time of the Medici and Borgia families, with the quick cunning of
the fox combined with the ruthless strength of the lion so extolled by
Joe Kennedy went on to become US Ambassador to the Court of St. James,
and sired a US President.
Certainly an elitist.  From a common as spuds inheritance.

La Vida Loca, ese.
I can see it in the kids in my hood: they admire certain characteristics
about gangs that they cannot get in the run-of-the-treadmill society
they're trapped in: an in-your-face denunciation of the status quo, a
devil-may-care arrogance in the face of the industrial pressures to
submit and conform to a dehumanizing TINA. Once they get caught in the
web of the gang milieu their time is short and brutal. Yet on the cusp
is the moment of decision that must be informed by alternatives.
Luis J. Rodriguez  did his time and emerged with a radical vision that
he now actively propagates.
See his Always Running, p. 185:
"The collective explained how workers of all colors and nationalities,
linked by hunger and the same system of exploitation, have no country;
their interests as a class respect no borders. To me, this was an
unconquerable idea."
Just one example.
How to make our point
at the right point?

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