The role of Gangs/Hoods

Sherry & Stan Goff sherrynstan at
Thu Apr 11 05:56:47 MDT 2002

I'm just ducking in on this thread, but Gerald Horne once showed me, around
three years ago, an essay he'd written on the influence, especially in
American society, of the lumpenproletariat on the eventual development of
the US bourgeoisie.  I don't know if he published it, since he writes often
for Political Affairs, but his stuff makes some of the old Party hands a bit
nervous.  He publishes all over the place.  But he lays down a lot of
information on the various geneoologies, so to speak, of bourgeois families,
and traces them back through crime syndicates, etc.  In Haiti, I know, there
is a very definite connection between the lumpenproletariat and an
identifiable lumpen-bourgeoisie, and my own take is that the former is
reliable, like a rattlesnake is reliable.  Eventually, it will bite you.
The latter, of course, must be liquidated by and by, and is extremely

That said, the larger problem, should a revolution succeed, is what to do
about this, since global urbanization in a period of population growth and
productive crisis is expanding the ranks of the lumpenproletariat world wide
by leaps and bounds.  I really beleive the merger of military and police
functions, and the privatization of these functions will eventually lead
these state armed bodies to become competitive as gangs in the same decaying
urban milieu.

Just a thought, and still need a cup of coffee.

Cheers, y'all.

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