Base-superstructure, or: the concept of capitalist society

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Apr 11 07:49:12 MDT 2002

>I have not yet gone beyond the initial stage of my work, that is: properly
>phrasing the problem to be dealt with. So I´d be grateful for any thoughts
>on the topic, be it the formulation of the problem, implications following
>from it etc. Also, I´d be grateful for advice concerning literature (I´m
>already aware of Althusser and Poulantzas.), especially recent books and
>articles in English because quite often these are hardly known where I
>Cheers, Julian

I would look closely at Raymond Williams. Not only do you get interesting
theoretical elaborations on the question such as "The Sociology of
Culture", you also get applications such as "The Country and the City". 

Louis Proyect
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