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Thu Apr 11 08:06:52 MDT 2002

> From: "Domhnall"
> The question to me of stagism or permanent revolution is that they are
> both non-dialectical ways of analysing situations - it's like trying to
> fit the huge variety of concrete situations into a particular model. These
> generalised rulebooks which work absolutely everywhere seem to me to be a
> parody of the sort of analysis we need to be doing.

Notionally, the DSP's approach isn't a generalised schema, but rather an
analysis of a specific case.  In addition, it is a criticism of the
schematic application of permanent revolution to every possible situation.

In reality, of course, there probably has been a bit of a slippage into
schematicism by the DSP themselves, but, well, there ya go.

There isn't a generalised model.  There can't be a generalised model.
Looking for one only leads to confusion.

For what it's worth, though, one of the authors of the piece on the
Philippines I just sent is a former leader of the DSP.  That article is as
close to the "DSP line" on revolution in the Philippines as you are likely
to see.  There ain't much Kautskyism in it...

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