Lenin, bourgeois revolution & stages

Mark Lause lause at worldnet.att.net
Thu Apr 11 08:11:19 MDT 2002

What people write on these things is interesting, but we often tend to compare
the writings of Lenin or Trotsky with the practice of Stalin or Social
Democrats.  We want to avoid comparisons of apples and oranges.

If we look at practice, the role of Lenin (and Trotsky) in Mongolia merits
mention.  To root out bases for the White Russians, the Red Army entered and
occupied present Mongolia.  The Soviets sponsored a "People's Party" to take
charge of affairs there, urging reforms like the abandonment of the nomadic life
and the establishment of cities like Ulan Bator...modest goals for a bourgois
revolution, much less those of a second workers' state.

The example argues persuasively for a continuum of early Communist ideas about
stageism and permentant revolution rather than the clear cut distinctions for
which later distinct organizations argued.

Mark L..

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