The Butcher of the Balkins

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Have you heard of Ante Pavelic, The Butcher of the Balkans lately?
If another name comes to your mind instead of Pavelic, you have just
proven how Nazi revisionist manipulation works!!!
"The Butcher of the Balkans" is responsible for death of half a million to
one million Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and Anti-Nazis in WWII Nazi puppet state of
Giving Pavelic's nickname to anyone else is an attempt to erase
the historical record and represent an insult to the memory of
genocide victims.
Ante Pavelic's Puppet Nazi State was established 61 years ago.
February 14, 2002
By Jonathan Levy and Tom Easton
Ante Pavelic was the original 'Butcher of the Balkans." He was the leader of
the Nazi puppet government of the "Independent Sate of Croatia" who died
peacefully in Madrid in 1959. The mass murderer of 80,000 Jews, 30,000
Gypsies, and over 500,000 Serbs survived the Second World War and never
faced a war crimes tribunal.
Instead Pavelic was offered sanctuary by the Vatican and became a security
advisor to Juan and Eva Peron before retiring to fascist Spain. Key to
Pavelic's survival was the so-called Croatian Treasury, really nothing more
than Pavelic personal wealth, the plunder of concentration camps and
massacres throughout the Balkans and beyond. Wherever the loyal Ustashe
(Croatian Nazis) served Pavelic and Hitler, Orthodox Christian churches and
Jewish synagogues were plundered and the property of Serbs, Jews, Gypsies,
Ukrainians and others were confiscated. The crimes of Pavelic and the
Ustashe were so barbaric that even hardened Nazis were disgusted by it.
In the final days of World War II, Pavelic and his inner circle bought and
bribed their way to Rome where help was waiting at the Vatican. Pavelic
committed genocide on a level far greater than any known before or since in
the Balkans but he had been personally received by Pius XII during his reign
of terror. The Franciscan Order and Vatican bank eagerly helped launder
Pavelic's loot the proceeds of which were used to establish the so called
ratline which helped thousands of Nazis and Ustashe escape to South America.
Over 50 years later, a class action lawsuit was filed in Federal Court in
San Francisco in 1998 seeking an accounting of the Pavelic loot. The
defendants, the Vatican bank, Franciscan order, and the remaining Ustashe
were asked to account for the gold, silver, and gems plundered so many years
ago. A Federal judge has taken the case under submission.
Last month, an ex-US Army intelligence official revealed that Pavelic's body
is secured at a secret location in Madrid awaiting its eventual return to
the "homeland". Pavelic's followers view the current Croatian state as the
successor to the Nazi inspired Independent State of Croatia, their legacy
will be fulfilled only by the return of their supreme leader or in the
Croatian language, Poglavnik, to lie in state in Zagreb. Tudjman, the late
blood stained ruler of Croatia, was a proponent of returning Pavelic to
Croatia and indeed Pavelic's ghost must be pleased to find so many new
public monuments to his loyal Ustashe springing up like toadstools after a
spring rain in democratic Croatia.
Attorneys in the class action lawsuit while awaiting the court's ruling are
opening up a second front against the Croatian Nazis in Madrid. It is
thought a large portion of the Croatian treasure was secreted in Madrid and
remains there yet along with Pavelic's relatives and ever loyal Ustashe who
maintain a vigil over their leaders grave. Spanish law firms have been
contacted and an action of some sort in Spain is likely especially in light
of the Spanish National Court's recent interest in the Pinochet case. The
Spanish courts have demonstrated an interest in fighting Fascism abroad, now
they are presented with even worse case at home. Let's hope they will put
the principles of International Law to work on this domestic case and stop
the Ustashe.
An annual ceremony presided over by Croatian Franciscan priests is thought
to take place annually on Pavelic's birthday. At such Ustashe ceremonies
eternal hatred towards Serbs and others are sworn on a crucifix, knife, and
a revolver. Many Ustashe returned to Croatia in 1991 and have played a role
in the ongoing hostilities in Herzegovina.
Jonathan Levy is a California attorney who has represented organizations and
individuals in a variety of Holocaust related lawsuits including banking,
insurance, and slave labor matters.
Tom Easton is a veteran civil rights attorney in Northern California. Tom
has traveled extensively in Russia and Europe and holds a Masters degree in
History. They can be reached at: resistk at A summary of the class
action suit can be found at: <>
[1] "This State, our country is only for Croatians, and not for anyone else.
There are no ways and means which we Croatians will not use to make our
country truly ours and to clean it of all Jews and orthodox Serbs. All those
who came to our country 300 years ago must disappear. We do not hide this
our intention." Milovan Zanic, Minister of Justice, Croatia
[2] United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Holocaust Era in Croatia
[3] "The omission of Croatia from the conventional Holocaust studies is like
a book whose first chapter is torn out."
[4] Search National Archives and Records Administration web site
and Enter a Query Croatian Nazi
[5] DIY search on Ante Pavelic
DIY search on ratlines

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