rally Friday Times Sqr against Israeli aggression

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Thu Apr 11 14:17:22 MDT 2002

Tomorrow, April 12, 2002: HUGE Palestine Rally, Times Sq
Tomorrow, Friday April 12, mosques in the New York and New Jersey
metropolitan area are sending buses to a mass midtown Manhattan
demonstration that will demand an end to the war against the
Palestinian people.
At: 42nd Street & Broadway, stretching south as far as 36th Street

Time:  Prayers begin at 1:00 PM -- Rally program at 2:30. The
demonstration won't end until 6 PM, so you can come after work!

Students will also be coming from school to join this rally.  This
will be a MASSIVE outpouring of solidarity for Palestine, at least
twice as big as last week's Times Square rally, and the leaders of
the action are mobilizing for the April 20 White House demonstration
and will call on people to do so there as well.  Everyone is invited
and encouraged to attend!

Rally demands:

1. Stop the massacres of Palestinians!

2. Immediate withdrawal of Israeli army from occupied lands

3. Indict the war criminal Ariel Sharon

4. End U.S. aid to Israel

5. End the Israeli occupation

6. The right of return for Palestinians

7. The right of Palestinians to a sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital

Sponsors:   Arab Muslim American Federation - Muslim American Society
- International Action Center - Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return
Coalition  - Islamic Association for Palestine - American Muslim
Union - American Muslim Alliance - Islamic Centers & Mosques in NY &
NJ -  National Muslim Merchants Association - American-Arab
Anti-Discrimination Committee - Palestinian American Congress

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